Mincom Limited. (Proprietary)

LinkOne is a content delivery application that provides users with exact and appropriate part data for distribution to a vast and geographically-dispersed network of operators and dealers. This program is a complete viewing and publishing solution for equipment manufacturers, making technical documentation organized and easily integrated with their existing management system. The features and functionalities of this program enable manufacturers to control existing product information, resulting in improved order accuracy, increased service efficiency, effective stock management, increased aftermarket parts revenue, and strengthened dealer-customer relationships, among other benefits.

With this program, asset maintenance operators will be able to make orders accurately while reducing the costs associated with having excess stock. LinkOne also makes it easier for users to find all parts and the service information. Asset downtime will be reduced because the efficiency of the maintenance team will be increased. This program links graphics with rich text, allowing users to produce clear graphical maintenance manuals and electronic catalogs. Users can also create product updates and notices, product alerts and safety bulletins, operating and commissioning instructions, and visual operational aids, among other informative products.

Manufacturers can include product warnings as well as pop-up notes in their manuals. Electronic catalogs can also contain links that enable product operators to check for online content updates.