Link Shell Extension

Hermann Schinagl (Freeware)

Link Shell Extension Configuration, or LSE, is a program used for creating Junctions, Volume Mountpoints, Symbolic Links and Hardlinks. It can also be used to create Clones that composed of Symbolic or Hard Links. As a shell extension, this utility can be accessed from a Windows Explorer or the same file/folder managers. When using this program, it is possible to set the chosen file to be saved as the source for the created Hardlinks using the Pick Link Source (this can be cancelled). Afterwards, a destination folder must be selected then choose the Drop Hardlink option to create the Hardlinks.

When multiple folders are chosen as the source links, these folders can be dropped in multiple ways. The program also has a way to prevent overcrowding the popup menu by providing a submenu containing several Link types. Hardlink files can use the same source folder. However, since two entries can’t have the same file name, the program has the Auto Rename feature. LSE also offers Junctions support, which can be created the same way as Hardlinks are created. The only difference is that the Junctions’ Source Link is a folder instead of a file. Another featured available in LSE is the Smart Copy, which creates copies of the directory structures. There’s also the Smart Move functionality that allows folders with Symbolic Links or Junctions to be renamed.

Other available features found in this application include:
• Clone
• Smart Mirror
• DeLorean Copy
• Reference Count
• Link Properties
• Removeable Media
• Custom Overlay Icons