linguatec GmbH VoiceReaderDirect 2008

linguatec GmbH (Proprietary)

Linguatec GmbH VoiceReaderDirect 2008 is a utility that converts text into audio files and is essentially a speech synthesis tool. It is available in many languages and serves as an effective solution for text to audio file conversion. This utility gives users the chance to store their documents as audio files including WAV and MP3. It is a viable alternative especially for people who have the ability to comprehend content better when it is being read to them and while they are listening to it.

For those who are considering getting Linguatec GmbH VoiceReaderDirect 2008, the company website offers speech samples in many different languages. Browsers can also enter their own test sentences.

Linguatec GmbH VoiceReaderDirect 2008 gives the user the chance to be free of the computer screen since files are stored as audio files, which they can listen to on their smartphones, iPods, or mp3 players as. This program gives a way for people who travel often to continue with their work or study requirements.

This tool can also be handy for people who want to read something while relaxing but need to rest their eyes. With Voice Reader there is no need for the user to stare at a piece of paper or computer screen to know about that content of the document. This program also facilitates the export of audio files to mobile platforms.