linguatec GmbH VoiceReader 2008

linguatec GmbH (Shareware)

Linguatec GmbH VoiceReader 2008 is a voice output program that provides speech synthesis functions. This program is designed to convert text files into audio files. Linguatec GmbH VoiceReader 2008 is capable of transforming many different text files into high quality audio files. Users can take advantage of the features of this program to listen to information instead of reading them or accessing them via visual devices.

linguatec GmbH VoiceReader 2008 is a solution that is offered to users for their personal use. This program also has a professional version that is akin to being given the chance to record audio output in a real-life recording studio. There is also a Web service that tracks websites. Another solution is intended for the use of companies and commercial establishments.

linguatec GmbH VoiceReader 2008 has good technical support in the form of short films in the Internet that provide the user guidelines on how to use the program. These comprehensive films have a full coverage of how the program looks and feels as well as how it is intended to be used. This utility is an affordable alternative to recording in a studio. In effect this program saves them time and money and a considerable amount of resources. With one touch of a button this utility can produce video presentations that are professional in quality.