LingoPAD 2.6.0

Lingo4you (Freeware)

LingoPAD is an application that offers translation of German vocabulary to other languages. Users can use the application to translate words in German into English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish. The program can be used without going online since the application is installed in the system which can be used anytime. This feature gives users the benefit to use the program offline. The application can be customized by adding words in existing dictionaries.  Users are allowed to import dictions and other terms that have corresponding meaning in the German language. Once added, users can use these terms to interpret meanings in other languages.  

LingoPad offers thousands of German to English translations which are approximately 230,000 entries with 670,000 references. The application also offers thousands of entries for Spanish to German, Chinese to German, Japanese to German, etc. The wide selection of words makes the program a powerful tool in translating German diction.

LingoPad has an advance search tool that displays words that are available in the dictionary. Users can search specific parts which include the beginning, middle and end of a word.  The application uses shortcut keys that enable users to perform search processes at an instant. This feature automatically searches tagged words or copied words in the clip board.