Lingea Lexicon 5

Lingea s.r.o. (Proprietary)

Lingea Lexicon 5 is an educational software tool developed by Lingea s.r.o., a Czech software company that specializes in products that concern European languages. It serves both as a translator and as a dictionary.

The program offers several features that are exclusive to Lingea’s suite of language-focused applications. One of these is called “fuzzy search”, which is a search tool that uses algorithms to deduce what a user wants to find without him or her having to specify the exact search keywords. As the application learns from previous searches, the program eventually finds patterns on how its user enters keywords – sometimes even predicting what the user wants to find before finishing typing the search strings.

Another notable feature that Lingea Lexicon 5 offers is its comprehensive corpus for many major languages, notably those that originated from Europe. The same corpus is also used in most of Lingea’s commercial products that feature dictionaries and automated translators. Other notable features include the following:
• Advanced search capabilities that use Boolean operators and incorporate relevant vocabulary quirks like anagrams. Full-text and morphological text search are offered.
• Database and dictionary search using onomatopoeia and phonetic word techniques, particularly for languages that do not use the Roman alphabet.
• An onscreen keyboard, which is often used by consumers who have installed the program in mobile devices and tablets.