Line of Sight - Vietnam

nFusion (Proprietary)

Line of Sight: Vietnam is a group-based first-person shooter game developed by the company, nFusion and published by Inforgrames. The plot is based heavily on the events of the Vietnam War and focuses on the adventures of a young military sniper who belongs to the Green Berets. The player assumes the role of this sharpshooter, who used his skills and stealth to take out various targets. The environment that the player must deal with is filled with numerous challenges including dense vegetation, drastic weather changes, and booby traps. The game offers 10 different weapons for the player to use, some of which come from enemy forces.

Since the setting is Vietnam, the player is expected to fight enemies in the harsh conditions of the Vietnam jungle. Therefore, the player must rely on camouflage, lots of waiting, and surprise attacks at enemies in order to survive. Various jungle elements like trees, bushes, rocks, and grass can be used to the player’s advantage. The game also offers a multiplayer options that includes a mission-oriented “attack and defend” mode, individual and team deathmatch modes, and capture the flag. There are 12 missions to complete, which players can take on in easy or difficult settings.