Line 6 FBV Control

Line 6, Inc. (Proprietary)

Line 6 FBV Control is an application that enables users to configure the FBV Shortboard and FBV Express foot controllers (MkII models) developed by Line 6, Inc. With this application, users can program their foot controllers to be used as a MIDI controller over a USB connection.

Line 6 FBV Control allows users to select different channel presets, activate the device’s chromatic tuner, match tempo with the time-based sound effects, and more. The instruments can be connected to any guitar amplifier or POD – a portable storage unit that makes moving and storing files easier. The foot controller comes with a minimum of 4 foot switches. All can be manipulated through stomping and foot shifts.

This application lets users program the following:

• Hands-free control and switching of most PODs and amps
• 4 to 13 steel switches – used for selecting effects, tap tempo, bank scroll, and more
• Full sized volume pedal with substantial grip
• Self-powered – the device comes with locking RJ-45 cable
• Chromatic tuner display

The application allows for the hassle-free and limitless mapping of FBV controls through USB connection. The application displays a graphical representation of the FBV controller for the customization of pedal and foot switch functions. Through this program, users can create and save variations that can be used for stage performances or studio recordings via USB.