LimeWire PRO 4.9.23

Lime Wire LLC (Shareware)

LimeWire PRO 4.9.23 is a peer-to-peer or P2P file sharing cross-platform application. It runs on any operating system that is supported by Java, whether it is Windows, Mac, or Linux. With this application, users are able to share their computer files with others, as well as search for files they need from other users. The files can be anything from text documents, movies, ebooks, video clips, games, pictures, and audio files. Users can select a folder or folders for sharing into the P2P network. Likewise, they can search for files among those shared by others in the network.

LimeWire’s features include dynamic querying and advanced techniques for locating rare files. There is also a push-proxy support, which would allow users to connect to other users and get or retrieve files even with the presence of firewalls. Users are also given the ability to preview files as they are downloading. There is also a built-in media player so users can play back files they have downloaded without having to launch a separate application.

The program interface is intuitive, so advanced skills in computer use is not required. This application also comes with AVG anti-virus, so users can download files with confidence that their computer is protected from viruses and malware.