Lime Wire, LLC (Freeware)

LimeWire is a free peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software developed by Lime Wire in. LimeWire allows users all over the world to share files between themselves using a peer-to-peer sharing mechanism. With LimeWire, users can download music, movies, games, and any other files that are made available by other LimeWire users. Users may search for files by track information including title, artist, album title, or genre. LimeWire utilizes ultrapeer technology and swarm downloading which enables users to download files from multiple hosts.

LimeWire user interface is composed of three panes—there is a status bar that shows the connection status, a large pane showing the files that are being downloaded, and their corresponding download or upload speeds. A search tab on the top right allows users to type in search tags that opens up to suggested download files.

LimeWire features a filtering system, which allows its users to preview the files they are interested in downloading. This also provides for a more efficient search facility. LimeWire also allows users to trace and download multiple files at the same time. LimeWire also allows users to pause downloading files. File downloads that were paused or discontinued are resumed automatically. LimeWire utilizes the Gnutella sharing protocol. LimeWire also performs automatic local network searches and files that are available on other users in the network may be downloaded. LimeWire also supports iTunes integration.