AxoNet Software GmbH (Proprietary)

LightsOut is system utility developed by AxoNet Software. The program is designed for managing server systems. It is a server solution developed to manage the power usages of multiple servers. The program features power management functions that enable users to run the server on demand rather than on a continuous setup. This enables users to save on power and energy.  The program also features server client management options including client backup and Wake on LAN. Backup can be made to run manually or by a schedule. Other client management options include Reboot and Save Energy operations. The program also features an interface that displays the device activity in the network.

LightsOut GUI features a grey classic window theme. The menu bar shows tab options corresponding to Status, Calendar, Uptime Chart, and Computers. The Status page shows the program status—whether enabled or not, and whether running or not. The License information is likewise displayed. This page also features boxes corresponding to Monitored Sources, Power Saving status, Next Calendar Events, and Recorded Events. The Tasks pane is located on the right panel. It is composed of Server tasks and LightsOut tasks.  Under Server tasks, users will be able to disable or enable LightOut, as well as put the server on Standby. LightsOut tasks include Settings, About LightsOut, Help on LightsOut, and Support.