LightScribe Launcher Application

LightScribe (Freeware)

LightScribe Launcher Application or LightScribe System Software is a program that enables users to use the LightScribe technology that comes with some label-making programs. LightScribe is a disc recording technology that allows users to etch labels on the surface of discs. This replaces the need to print out sticker labels for the disc. A disc-authoring enabled application must be used together with the LightScribe System Software to etch labels and designs on a disc. Some of the developers that have programs that support LightScribe are Nero, Roxio, Ashampoo, CyberLink, Corel, and LACIE. In addition, the disc drive must also be LightScribe enabled.

Users can design their own labels or create a ready-made template from the Design Center. The designs are categorized according to theme (home, office, special occasions, outdoors, etc). Since the labels are printed using laser technology, the labels do not peel off or get smudged. After creating the design, and burning the disc, users just need to flip the disc in the drive so that the label side is facing down. Afterwards, the drive will start etching on the disc.

The settings of LightScribe System Software allow users to modify the contrast settings (darker or lighter etch labels).