Lightscreen 1.0.1

k39 (Open Source)

Lightscreen is an application for capturing an image of the desktop. It has a variety of ways for capturing a screenshot of the desktop. First, it can capture the entire desktop screen. Moreover, it can also take a screenshot of only a specific active window. Lastly, it can take a screenshot of a certain area on the screen. That certain area depends on where the user wants to take the screenshot.

When a screenshot has been captured, it can be saved as an image file. Some image types supported by Lightscreen are BMP and JPEG. The user can modify the quality of the picture. The size of the picture depends on its quality. The higher the quality, the larger the file size.

Other features of LightScreen includes its ability to hide in the system tray when it is not in use. Furthermore, keyboard hotkeys can be selected. This allows faster capturing of images without the use of the computer mouse. The user can set a hotkey when taking a screenshot of the entire desktop, an active window, or a selected area. When images are about to be saved, the program lets the user choose where he wants to save them. The program also notifies the user if updates are available.