LightLogger 8.1

HeavenWard (Shareware)

LightLogger is a security tool designed to monitor children’s use of the computer by recording their web browsing, the images they see on the monitor, the applications they run, the text they type, and other activities they do on the computer. Monitoring Internet use helps parents educate their children about online safety and responsible behavior, and help them enforce the rules on Internet use. Reviewing the messages children receive for discourtesy, bullying, and signs of sexual predation can also alert parents to do something to stop it.

The features of LightLogger are the following:

• Clipboard Monitoring – text that has been pasted into websites or programs from the Windows clipboard are recorded.
• Application Monitoring – this program can monitor and list all of the programs opened and run on the computer, including changes to files and the system settings.
• Keystroke Monitoring – parents can capture all of the text their children type anywhere on a website. This application is able to capture all keystrokes and also associates these with the programs such as email clients and computer programs in which they had been typed.
• Screen Captures – parents can configure the application to take screenshots at specified intervals and save these in a customizable file size.
• Website Monitoring – parents can track the pages and websites their children visit. This feature works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.