LifeScan DataLink DMS

Lifescan, Inc. (Proprietary)

LifeScan DataLink DMS is a data management software developed by Lifescan, Inc. DMS stands for Data Management System that comes with other solutions the company offers. LifeScan DataLink DMS is designed to manage information exchanged within a medical facility. It automatically updates data exchanged in between different machines and computers, ensuring accurate information while promoting efficiency in data dissemination. Once data is updated, medical experts can make necessary decisions.

The program is designed to work effectively with different equipment from LifeScan. It works with SureStep Flexx Meter and other related wireless systems. Data updates are placed in the system in almost real-time manner. Its build makes data integration. LifeScan DataLink DMS possesses an easy to configure user interface. It guarantees that data link in between computers and equipment utilized within a facility’s system. Configurations guarantee linkage will not compromise data exchange and get every data updated.

Through DMS, users have the choice to distribute the data through email. It assures that everyone needing the information will receive them immediately even without accessing the system. Every data, from statistics and graphical representations, can be disseminated and employed immediately for clinical decision-making for medical experts. Users can immediately try out the program’s features and take advantage of it for their data management system, as is it easy to install. Compatibility is not an issue on this program while promoting easy-to-configure installation process.