ASUS (Freeware)

ASUS LifeFrame 3 is a webcam utility program developed by ASUS. It is included as part of the ASUS Utility software package found in selected ASUS laptop and pc models. The application offers the ability to record high quality video and audio. It can also be used to capture images directly from your computer.

The ASUS LifeFrame 3 application provides six different modes – Image mode, Audio mode, Video mode, Browse mode, Game mode, and Monitor mode. The Image mode is used for capturing images. End users can configure the Image mode through different configuration settings such as shooting mode, resolution, brightness/contrast, and continuous shoot. Editing tools are also provided such as frames, image stamps, and filters. The Audio mode is used for recording audio files. Users can make audio recordings directly from the computer. This mode offers the basic configuration settings for audio recording, such as WMA quality, audio file type and timer. The Video mode can record real time videos. Video settings are also available for configuration. Recorded and captured image, video and recording files can be viewed from the Browse mode. Photo/video editing tools can be accessed through this mode.

The ASUS LifeFrame 3 can also work as a security tool. The Monitor mode activates image captures whenever it detects motion allowing users to capture all the different movements detected by the camera.