Life Quest

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Life Quest is a life simulation game where players get to beat their high school rivals in different areas of life. The game is a mixture of time management and simulation games. At the start of the game, the player has just graduation from high school. The next step in life is the player’s decision. The character can go to college or start working. Players also get to customize the appearance of the character by choosing clothes and shoes. More items can be bought from the game store.

The game is divided into days. At the start of the day, players have the choice to visit different locations available and do activities. Travelling to different locations take away time from the day. Activities also cost money, so players must keep track of expenses, such as rent, food, and other items. There are some challenges that pop up during the course of the game. Players must beat the other person by completing a challenge first in order to get a reward. A bit of extra cash can also be acquired by looking for a gnome in different locations. The day ends when the character goes back to his/her home to sleep.