Life in the UK Citizenship Test

Imagitech Ltd. (Proprietary)

Life in the UK Citizenship Text is a program that consists of various review topics that are covered when taking the citizenship test for the United Kingdom. The program is useful for users who are planning to prepare for their upcoming citizenship exam. Some of the topics included in the program are British history, the legal system, citizens’ rights, health and education, employment, and housing. The application also comes with a mock test so users can review and have an idea of how the real citizenship exam goes.

In addition to the topics provided in the application, the program also allows users to save questions as MP3 files. These files can then be transferred to handy devices for review anytime and anywhere. More of the application’s key features are as follows:

• The application comes with a built-in glossary full of search terms and phrases that are useful when learning about different topics regarding life in the United Kingdom
• The program’s graphical user interface is similar to the interface used on the actual test
• There is a voice over for all the questions and answers to the tests
• Comes with an Internet resource center that users can access in order to read more resource materials on various websites