Derman Enterprises Inc. ( (Proprietary)

LicenseControl is a licensing software geared towards business owners and program developers. The program is developed by Derman Enterprises in 2007. The program enables users to add a product activation feature on their software before selling it to consumers. This protects the users from revenue losses due to indiscriminate sharing of product keys among several software users. The program can be used for mobile apps, computer programs, and even OEM releases. Small business owners, small-time software developers, and even large software vendors can benefit from this program.

This application is useful not only to the program supplier but also the end user. When LicenseControl is integrated in the program, end users have the option to modify or change the system to which the program may be installed without the need to contact the vendor. The program supports various sales scenarios including e-store setups through Avangate or Kagi, among others.

LicenseControl is enables program developers to protect the license of their releases without sacrificing revenue. The vendor will have control and supervision over licensing and other resources. The program also allows users to check sales reports and licensing transaction reports in real time. LicenseControl also comes with cross-platform support for the latest platform releases. The program even works with Java applications in conjunction with yGuard Obfuscator. This allows users to protect the Java application code from decompilation.