CodeJam Pte Ltd (Freeware)

Libra is a program that helps the user manage and catalog their books, music, movies, and games in the computer. The user can scan and import items from other applications. Users can scan item bar codes with their webcams or barcode scanners and the program will automatically add the item into the catalog. Users have the option of printing out their catalog pages.

Libra is a cataloging tool that enables the user to create a database of books, music, movies, recordings, and video games. The database has detailed entries for each item. Details include image, titles, description, author, artist and other extra information depending on the type of item entered. The program includes a search field to search online for details regarding the item in query. Once the keyword has been added into the search field, the program will automatically search online for the information of the item and present the user with the found results. The user can then select a result and the program will automatically update the catalog with the item details. Searchable items include CDs, books, video games, movies, and music.

Libra includes features like contact lists and a tool to import databases from other applications and formats. The interface displays a shelf with the users items organized in it. Clicking an item will display the items’ details.