LG Tool

Z3X (Freeware)

LG Tool or LG activation tool is a utility used with Z3X Box and included in the Z3X Shell. This tool is used for LG phones. It supports various platforms such as Texas Instrumental, analog devices, Qualcomm, and more. It supports different phone models such as LG phones, Alcatel phones, Motorolla phones, and other brands.

The application supports these operations:

• Unlock phones – To unlock a phone, users must connect a device to their machine and choose their phone model.
• Check phone information – Once a phone is connected, a user can read its information for identifying a phone’s memory configuration, browsing Flash files and NVM files.
• Calculate Unlock codes – Phone models like BlackBerry require a code to unlock it. The application can calculate unlock codes.
• Repair phones – It extends the options for repairing IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity), Bluetooth and resetting phones to its factory settings.
• Flash phones – Some LG phones belonging to the LG Infineon SGOLD series will have two flash mode options: UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) and USB.

In addition to these aforementioned features, LG Tool also has a dictionary editor that enables users to change the language used by and in their phone settings, as well as the applications their phones have. For reference, all settings made by users can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet file.