Lexmark Photo Editor

Lexmark International, Inc. (Bundled)

Lexmark Photo Editor is a photo editing program. It is a component of the Lexmark All-In-One program that comes with Lexmark Printers. The All-In-One program can also be downloaded from the website ( The application consists of some basic photo editing tools for quick fixes, image adjustment, and size adjustment. Quick fix tools allow users to remove red eye, crop the image, rotate, and flip the image. There is also an automatic quick fix that can be done with just one click. Image adjustment tools allow users to make changes to the color balance, brightness and contrast, sharpness, and exposure levels. The colors of the photo can be adjusted, too. Users can also change the measurement units of the photo to make it bigger or smaller.

Lexmark Photo Editor also comes with Drawing Tools. Ares of the photo can be cut and copied. Users can also add text to the photo by dragging a box and typing in some text. One of the features of the program is filling pixels with color. This can be used to fix a certain part of the photo. Other components of the program are the pencil tool, line tool, paintbrush, and eyedropper. It is also possible to erase specific areas of the photo.