Letters from Nowhere

Awem Games (Shareware)

Letters from Nowhere is a mystery hidden object game where the player helps the main character, Audrey, find clues to her husbands’ disappearance. The player must solve puzzles, find hidden objects, collect letters and hidden artifacts and play mini-games to find clues to solving the mystery of the disappearance of Audrey’s husband.

Letters from Nowhere is a hidden object and puzzle game with a story. The story revolves around Audrey and her search for answers surrounding the disappearance of her husband in the city of Nowhere. Each location in the story has hidden object and puzzles for players to solve. The player will unlock and play more hidden object “scenes” and puzzles and open other locations to explore as the story progresses. Clues for the next location can be found by assembling puzzle pieces.

Other features in the game are:

• Unlimited Mode – the player can unlock this mode when 50 hidden stamps have been found throughout the game.
• Buyable Bonuses – the player scores points for finding hidden items. Points can be used to buy bonuses like a Thermometer that would let the player know if the object is nearby, the Palette to change the list of hidden objects, and the Magnifying Glass to show one hidden object and the camera to show six hidden objects.
• Rechargeable Hint – usable for the player in the beginning of the game.