Lenovo VeriFace 20090205

Lenovo (Freeware)

VeriFace is a software primarily used for facial recognition in a number of computer programs.  Through its face recognition feature, one can leave a video message, log into Windows and log review, and encrypt or decrypt a file.  In terms of security passwords, computer users are identified via matching the unique features of their faces to photographs of them that were taken previously by the computer’s webcam.

Through an image, VeriFace makes use of a cogent facial recognition algorithm that evaluates face characteristics such as eye color, jaw dimension, and shape and size and position of other facial aspects.  With mathematical functions, the algorithm compares data from newly acquired images to those that have been previously scanned and stored in the application database.  If the acquired image is recognized through the comparison process, the computer will then automatically log on a user.

The application however, has a security limitation in terms of default configuration.  It was reported that its 2009 version, that a photograph of an individual held in front of the computer webcam could bypass the application.  VeriFace works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP but not on other Microsoft Windows’ previous versions.  It is also made available in IdeaPad netbooks and notebooks.