Lenovo Vantage Technology

Lenovo (Proprietary)

Lenovo Vantage Technology is a set of program utilities that enables users to perform maintenance and optimization tasks in their desktop computers or laptops. This software package consists of a single console that allows users to access various tools used performing tasks in their computers. Lenovo Vantage Technology is designed for laptops and computers under the Lenovo brand. These include the IBM ThinkPad and ThinkVantage models. Lenovo Vantage Technology provides eleven different tools designed to provide users with support on using their Lenovo computers. These include: the ImageUltra Builder which is used to design distributable application structures, the Secure Data Disposal that allows users to digitally “shred” confidential files in their hard disk, and the Access Connections tool used to graphically and securely manage and swap network connections between wireless LAN, wireless WAN, and Ethernet. This program also has a System Update used in generating a system compatible list of updates and their operative descriptions, and a selection of installation methods. Other tools include the Productivity Center used in accessing online documentation and tools, the Active Protection System that enables the accelerometer used in halting a laptop’s spinning platter drive, and the Client Security Solution that is used in managing passwords, electronic credentials, and encryption keys.

Furthermore, users are also provided with a Hardware Password Manager used to save disk, BIOS, as well as motherboard passwords in a single location, and the Power Manager that monitors and manages the computer’s electricity consumption. In addition to these, Lenovo Vantage Technology provides two other features that can run on non IBM/Lenovo platforms. These include: the System Migration Assistant that enables users transfer a users files, accounts and other computer profiles from one device to another, and the Rescue and Recovery that enables users to gather updates, provide recovery solutions to crashes, as well as remote access if the system would not boot on its own.