Lenovo Smile Dock

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Lenovo Smile Dock is a pre-loaded application installed on Lenovo’s laptops and notebooks. It features a variety of shortcuts to different programs and applications. These applications include those geared for business, mail applications, social apps, financial, and design, among others. The Lenovo Smile Dock sits on the desktop allowing users ease of access. It is accessible by clicking a grey button on the desktop that looks like a smiley icon. Once clicked, the program launches a dock containing buttons for the different applications it cater to. It can also be launched from the Start menu.

The Lenovo Smile Dock features a dark grey interface that spans the top of the desktop. However, it can be moved anywhere across the desktop by dragging it to the desired location. The interface features the Lenovo on the far left portion followed by the language chooser. Applications are displayed as icons or thumbnails on the interface. A Search input bar can also be found alongside the applications. On the far right portion of the dock, users may add organizational apps including timer, calendar, reminders, and a digital clock.

The Lenovo Smile Dock can also be configured and accessed using some models of Lenovo laptops which features special keys. These keys can be recognized because of the rounded bottoms as compared to the square corners of regular keys.