Lemonade Tycoon

Hexacto, Jamdat (Shareware)

Lemonade Tycoon, formerly called Lemonade Inc, is a business simulation game that was first released in 2002. The player’s goal is to sell lemonade and gain profit. Players have total control of the recipe of the lemonade and the price. There are different locations where players can set up a lemonade stand. Before the start of each day, players can view a weather report to see how the weather will be like for the duration of the day. By checking the weather, players can change the recipe according to the customers’ needs. Users can play the game in career mode and manage the stand for as long as they want, or choose to play the challenge mode where there is a limit of 30 days.

Players must also buy stocks for making the lemonade (sugar, ice, lemons, and cups). When one of the items runs out before the end of the day, the lemonade stand stops making lemonade. Players must also be careful when buying a lot of ingredients, since they can spoil.

As the business grows, players can advertise their lemonade stand to increase the number of customers. There are also different types of upgrades available. These upgrades help in reducing the waiting time, increasing the visibility of the lemonade stand, increasing storage, and hiring help.