Leica Axyz

Leica Geosystems AG, Switzerland (Proprietary)

Leica Axyz is a modular software application developed by the Swiss company, Leica Geosystems AG, which has been around for decades and is known in Europe as one of the premier providers of various devices meant to be used in geographical measurement purposes more commonly known as Geomatics. There are different devices and software programs that are used in the science of metrology or the science of taking measurements. This is the base software program that is not only required by Leica’s laser trackers but also their industrial total stations and theodolites programs. This piece of software is what links these three components together making for an excellent manufacturing process for the Leica Company.

When it comes to the Leica Axyz program, it enables easy access and customizable tools for the generation of progress and process reports. This program is a unique, integrated application concept which has been developed for all Leica industrial measurement systems. It also makes it possible for multiple sensors to work in rhythm with one another. It also allows these same sensors to function independently if necessary. The Axyz utilizes a system of three dimensional coordinates. Through this application, users can convert to other Leica measuring systems such as Laser Tracker.