Krisalis Software Ltd. (Proprietary)

Legoland is a simulation builder game inspired by the theme of the same name. Developed by the company, Krisalis Software Ltd., it is published by Lego Media in April of 1999. In this game, the player assumes the role of the theme park’s Trainee Park Manager who gets to assemble his/her very own version of the park. There is a wide selection of attractions, buildings, and rides that can be placed all over the theme park. The real challenge comes in the park inspector’s appraisals – the player must follow all Legoland regulations in order to pass the inspections and earn the title of the world’s best park manager.

The game offers three modes to the player: Story Mode, Free Play Mode, and Movie Mode. In Story Mode, there are five tutorials that the player must complete in order to know how to play. Afterwards, the player proceeds to rebuild the theme park by completing ten Miniland levels. As soon as the player completes the game, s/he is given a printable certificate. In Free Play Mode, there are no rules, limits, or goals – the player is free to build his/her own very own Legoland. However, the player can only make use of unlocked structures and equipment. Legoland also offers five design themes for the park, including the original Legoland theme, Castle, and Wild West.