Lego Loco

LEGO Media International ltd. (Proprietary)

Lego Loco is a computer game designed and technically inspired by how Lego patrons play with their Lego blocks. Lego Loco players are tasked to construct infrastructures and create a community where Lego villagers can live. Nevertheless, the main objective is for players to build a Rail Transportation system using different building blocks and Lego materials. Upon establishing a successful railway system, players can connect to other communities and create more buildings, mining sites, farmlands, and other industrial factories and companies to secure a well-rounded nation in the Lego virtual world.

The game begins with the players selecting their own building blocks from the Toy Box. They can also select ready-made establishments from the list provided at the start of the game. They are to prompt the system as to where these establishments should be placed. Following which, players are expected to plot and design the railway lines, the roads, different intersections and crossings, as well as the form of the stations of the entire transportation system. Alongside this, players are also given the opportunity to come up with the sceneries they want their passengers to enjoy while travelling to their destinations. Once the players are done with the designing step, they can proceed to the simulation process were they are to close the Toy Box and bring life to the whole town. The Lego Townspeople will appear in almost every establishment and the players will also have full control of each and every one of them.