LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

TT Games (Proprietary)

LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original Adventures is an action-adventure game where players may recreate moments from three of the first Indiana Jones movies, which are Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. A drop out/in co-operative play mode is featured in the game. Storyline events from featured movies have been modified to fit six game chapters for every movie.

Barnett College serves as the game’s main hub where wall maps allow access to every game mission. The game contains a total of eighteen levels. Game characters total to 82, where 59 characters can be purchased via the in-game library, and 23 characters are for players in the game’s story. Every game character possesses unique abilities. Treasure chests must be collected which contain artifact pieces. A unique artifact can be uncovered in every game level. Players may interact with environmental objects like guns, swords, and bottles, and ride and build vehicles. Character phobias are also incorporated in the game and render limited movement and fear to characters. Game scenes from Indiana Jones movies have been modified to be more comic and family friendly. Notable scenes from Indiana Jones movies include the Holy Grail, the rope bridge battle, and the boulder escape.