LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Company (Freeware)

LEGO Digital Designer or LDD is a CAD (computer-aided design) application that allows users to create objects and build models in a virtual environment using LEGO bricks. The building screen can be zoomed in or out and users can also view models in 3D. The software comes with 17 pre-made LEGO models that beginners can use as a guide. LEGO models can be placed against a backdrop, too.

The program’s interface is straightforward. All the tools for creation are displayed as buttons on the screen. The bricks are displayed in a floating menu that can be accessed anytime while building.

There is a wide variety of LEGO pieces available to use. The bricks are categorized according to size and shape, and they are available in different in different colors, too. Aside from standard LEGO bricks, there are also special pieces available, such as plants, infrared sensors, engines, etc. After building models, users can save them, or take a screenshot and upload it to the gallery on the official website. LEGO Digital Designer also offers to automatically provide instructions for building the model. The company offered a service wherein users can order pieces for their creations. However, this service was discontinued in January 2012.