Legacy of Toltecs

Izmailov Vladimir Yurievich (Freeware)

Legacy of Toltecs is a Mahjong game developed by Izmailov Vladimir Yurievich and released on January 2012. The game features more than 300 game boards. Users may also play with different tile sets and several backdrop options. The game features up to 350 levels, each game board corresponding to a level. The game is available in two modes—Classic and Adventure. The game also features unlockable backdrops and tile sets as the player progresses in the game.

Legacy of Toltecs is simple. Mahjong tiles are laid out in a pattern, with tiles beside each other or on top of another. Users may choose to reveal one tile at a time, with up to two tiles simultaneously revealed. It’s a memory game, requiring players to remember the placement of times across the board. However, players may only flip a tile if it is a free tile. A free tile means it is not bound by tiles on both sides, nor is there a tile on top of it. However, tiles with only one adjacent tile, is also considered a free tile. Each tile has a different tile style or artwork. The goal is to match the tiles to one another. Matched tiles are removed from the table. The game ends when all of the tiles are removed. Users may also click on Shuffle or Hint to get a clue where a free tile may be.