leftsider 1.03

hsiw (Freeware)

When users try to make their computers look like a Mac, a lot of features can be made Mac-like, except for the title bar. The title bar for the Windows operating system is on the right side while Mac shows it on the left side. Leftsider is a simple and portable application which gives other Windows OS a Mac-like appearance by moving the close, minimize, and resize buttons to the upper left of page or screen. It does not affect the Windows registry or system files, so it is considered safe to use. It is portable because the program can be copied on a USB disk, copied to another computer, and installed with a few clicks.

Installing Leftsider is hassle-free. Users will just need to unzip the folder, transfer it to the Program files and create a shortcut. Once started, the application will automatically shift the title bar button to the left even for the application windows which are already open. It also provides users the option to start Windows automatically with or just include the program on the “Startup” menu. The program can be temporarily turned on or off whenever depending on the user’s preference by clicking on the system tray icon. To quit the program, users just have to right-click on the system tray icon and select the quit option.