LeechGet Download Manager 2.1 Build 1800

Cronosoft (Freeware)

LeechGet Download Manager is a downloader tool developed by Cronosoft and released on February 2009. The program enables users to download media files from video streaming sites. Users may also capture and download content available in a given URL. The program also enables users to create URL lists, as well as import and export the same. LeechGet Download Manager also supports large file downloads.

LeechGet Download Manager features a user-friendly interface with a button for adding new downloads. Users can download multiple files simultaneously.  Multiple downloads are added into a downloads queue window. The window shows the file name, download progress and speed, size, address, comment, and local directory path. It likewise displays the speed limit, current speed, and resume status. Some parameters are customizable by the user, including file name, URL, and comment.

LeechGet Download Manager enables users to create download profiles and select specific profiles to apply to particular download instances. Download profiles include information as to maximum bandwidth value and maximum downloads. The program also features a Clipboard Monitor which monitors the URLs currently copied to the clipboard. Upon launching LeechGet Download Manager, it automatically recognizes such URLs. Users can also customize the program to catch the links clicked in a website. Users may also configure post-download processes including options to Hang Up When Done or Shut Down When Done.