Jan Debis (Freeware)

LeechFTP is a multi-threaded FTP client developed by Jan Debis and released on April 1999. It is written originally in the Delphi 3 programming language. It supports Windows PC versions. This program enables users to download or upload files to and from a remote FTP server.

LeechFTP is an FTP client with multi-threading support. This program also enables users to determine the number of threads per file. This program also supports a Drag and Drop functionality in transferring files from the computer to the FTP server. This program has a queue timer. The queue timer enables users to build, save, and load file queues according to a set schedule. This program enables users to control the file transfer process. Users may cancel or stop a transfer process. Paused or stopped file transfers may be resumed at any time. Users may restore accidentally cancelled transfer processes due to immature system or program shutdowns. This program supports multiple file upload types. Users may choose between Text, Auto, or Binary file upload types.

Dual FTP server functionality is supported. This enables users to work with two FTP servers simultaneously. Users may even execute a transfer process from one FTP server while browsing another server. A search function is provided which enables users to find files stored in remote FTP servers.