LEC LogoTrans

Language Engineering Corporation, LLC (Shareware)

LEC LogoTrans is an application for translating text into different languages. The program’s window consists of two panes. The upper pane is the source text and the lower pane displays the translated text. The application automatically displays the translated text as the user types on the source pane. Users can set the translation languages by choosing from the drop down lists (From and To). LEC LogoTrans support input and output of speech. With this feature, users can hear the translated text. In addition, the application also features Speech Dictation. A microphone must be connected to the computer to use this function. Here are the other main features of the program:

• Composite Translation – This type of translation makes use of two steps to arrive to a translation in the event that the program cannot distinguish the language pair.
• Automatic Source Language Identification – This feature automatically detects the language for the source text if the user does not recognize the written language.
• Subject Dictionaries – The program consists of subject dictionaries that have specialized terminologies.

LEC LogoTrans allows users to grab text from any source. This can be done in four ways. Capture text at cursor, capture word at cursor, capture text in rectangle, and translate selections.