LearnWords Windows 5.0

LearnWords Software (Shareware)

LearnWords is a program used for learning different languages. The application comes with various exercises that make learning more fun. It supports 22 languages. The program comes with lessons on word definitions, pronunciation, translation, and others. The exercises included in the application are said to be the most effective for retaining information. These exercises include Writing, Select Word, Guess Translation, Select Translation, Mosaic, and Card.

One of the program’s main features is the versatile training that enables users to create their own training scheme based on their skills. The program has built in dictionaries, but users are free to download additional dictionaries from the website, such as Italian, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and other languages. In addition, users are free to create their own dictionaries to use with the application. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Allows users to learn proper pronunciations of words
• Comes with options for changing the font and colors when doing exercises
• Displays the user’s learning statistics when using the application
• Versatile way of learning a new language
• Has a built-in virtual keyboard for writing words

Exercises in the application are presented to the user in increasing difficulty, allowing them to gradually advance in their training.