Learn To Speak 10

eLanguage, LLC (Proprietary)

Learn To Speak is a language training program that makes use of different techniques to effectively teach the English language. The program has different lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. It does not only teach users words, but also phrases and sentences, which can be useful in the real world. The application was developed by experts in the language in order to come up with an approach that will help users learn the language quickly.

After the lessons, users will be given exercises to see their progress. The exercises allow users to converse with English speakers. Aside from the lessons, users can also practice the language with games that are included in the application. One of the main features of this program is the Flexible Immersion System, which allows users to select the learning technique that best suits their style. Real world scenarios in the form of videos can be accessed by the user to learn how to use the language in different situations. Some situations include social events, ordering in restaurants, asking someone for directions, taking a cab, and many others.

Users can go through the lessons in order or choose specific lessons that are available from the different difficulty levels.