LEAP Office

LEAP Legal Software (Proprietary)

LEAP Office is an application used in managing a legal practice. This practice management program is ideal for use in small law firms. It contains tools necessary for efficient accounting, communications, and documentation. It includes four components: LEAP Documents, LEAP Accounting, LEAP Website, and LEAP Forms.

LEAP Documents – this enables users create and organize correspondence and documents, including client information, all documents pertaining to the matter, and details on all involved parties in a particular case. It gives users access to legal forms and precedents, and also provides access to rates and charges. With this component, users do not have to manually retrieve paper files.
LEAP Accounting – with this tool, law firms can manage disbursements and cost recoveries, generate bills, record all kinds of trust money, record time with accuracy, and manage staff performance. It also enables staff to do financial management reporting.
LEAP Website – this component enables users to maintain their website without having to worry about hosting and domain registration, as the LEAP staff will do the rest. Users only need to focus on creating content for their website.
LEAP Forms – LEAP Office provides users with a comprehensive library containing automated precedents. These forms are fully automated, so users can easily and quickly find the correct form to use. Users can also merge data from the other LEAP components for input to the form. The created document is then automatically saved to the Electronic Matter and accessed in LEAP Documents.