LEADTOOLS(r) ePrint 6

LEAD Technologies, Inc. (Shareware)

LEADTOOLS(r) ePrint is an application used in the creation and conversion of image and document files such as DOC, TIFF, PDF, JPG, and HTML. It provides users with numerous options to not only print documents but edit, save, email, and combine multiple documents into one file as well. This print-to-file program also lets businesses increase their productivity and enhance workflow by letting users create text-searchable document formats with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The application’s OCR engine is able to recognize text from image files such as scanned documents, and has support for more than 30 languages, including French, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Japanese.

ePrint comes in two configurations: one is the Professional edition and the other is the Terminal Server. The Professional file converter is comes with the Workstation, task printer feature, Optical Character Recognition, and other features, and is recommended for home and small office use. The Terminal Server is recommended for larger offices, and lets employees have access to the converter’s features without it being installed in individual computers. With the server, system administrators would be able to update and upgrade the application from one centralized location.

Users can do print job editing from the ePrint Workstation and automate print tasks. The converted files can be saved to the user’s computer or shared via SharePoint and printed on any computer connected to the user’s network.