Almeza Company (Shareware)

LeaderTask is a time management and organizational tool developed by Almeza Company. It provides all the necessary functions to create and manage schedules, appointments, to-do-list, contacts, and others. The program is specifically designed to provide users the ability to manage time more efficiently.

LeaderTask offers several functions for its main purposes:

• Task Management – The program can be used for managing tasks. It provides users functions for arranging tasks either in a tree-like structure or categorically. There are also Task Properties and Task Assignment features, which are designed to display information and assign task for completion.
• Appointment Schedule – LeaderTask provides users the ability to plan meetings, briefings, appointments, and other schedules.
• Project Management, Reminders, and Contacts Management – The program has functions for managing projects, reminders, and contacts. These functions can be used for organizing different types of schedules and important information.
• Data Protection and Encryption – The program features password protection and encryption, which protects all the data stored in the program.

Aside from these functions, LeaderTask also offers various features for shared schedules. It can be used for organizing cooperative tasks. There is also an Inner Chat feature, which enables people to exchange files and messages via the program. Other available features include remote management, project management, and customer relationship maintenance.