Lucersoft (Freeware)

LC ISO Creator is an application that is used to create ISO files from different types of CDs and DVDs. The application provides a simplified version of making ISO without the need of configuring complicated program settings. LC ISO Creator enables user to create a back-up system from a DVD or CD into an ISO file. The program has a user-friendly interface which is incorporated in a small window design. The program is compatible with Windows Operating Systems.

In the initial stage of creating ISO data, users are prompted to select the type of storage disk. Once done in selecting, users can click the “Create ISO option” located at the right corner of the window, to start the creation process. Other than disk selection, there is no other option to customize ISO creation. The entire process will only take a few minutes to finish. For a storage disk with a 700 MB free space, it will take 3 minutes to complete.

The application is a freeware, which grants users full access to use the program. The software can be downloaded in the main website under Lucersoft. The program has an intuitive interface that can be used even by novice computer users.