L Games (Freeware)

lbreakout2 is a game in which players must clear a game area of bricks by breaking them using a ball that is bounced off a paddle and into the brick layers. Players must catch the ball back when it bounces from the bricks using the paddle. When they miss, they are given two more tries. If players fail, they have to restart the level. When the game area has been cleared of the bricks, players advance to the next level. There are more than 50 levels in the game. Players can modify how they want their game interface to look like by downloading themes from the game’s website. Players can also create their own level sets using the built-in level editor.

There are three levels of difficulty in the game that affect the size of the paddle, the score gained, and the speed of the balls. In the easy level, players are given a long paddle and slow ball, low scores. The medium level has a moderate paddle size and ball speed, while the hard level features a short paddle, fast ball, and the chance to multiply the score by up to thirty percent. The game provides players with bonuses that help them gain more points or break bricks faster.