Lazarus IDE 1.0.8

Matias Gaertner (Open Source)

Lazarus IDE is a programming program first released in January 2001. It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) program created for the Free Pascal Compiler. It consists of a visual form designer and a syntax-highlighting code editor. It also includes a component library, which is compatible with the VCL (Visual Component Library), source editor, debugger, and package manager that are fully integrated in a Graphical User-Interface. The program can be used for developing different types of programs including console programs, GUI applications, and dynamically loadable libraries.

Lazarus IDE offers the Lazarus Component Library that offers a unified interface with various platform-specific executions. This LCL allows users to create programs in a “write once, compile anywhere” system. This LCL is also referred to as codetools, which offers various Pascal editing and source parsing tools. Available tools include Code Completion, Find Declaration, Moving Inserting, Extraction, Beautifying Pascal sources, and more. These tools are customizable as well. Lazarus IDE also offers supports for cross compiling, which enables programmers to create programs that can be cross-compiled. Aside from this, this programming tool also allows installation of packages, which enables the program to support various databases. Among the supported databases include FoxPro and dBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, ODBC databases, and more. Components such as Zeoslib can also be utilized.