Layered Image Editor DS4

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Layered Image Editor DS4 is a plug-in developed by DAZ 3D. It is used in DAZ Studio for graphic designing and animation. This add-on works in various DAZ Studio versions in creating top class graphics. This plug-in works in editing DAZ layered images. A layered image is a collection of several image layers placed into one image for a project. It is not only used for editing pre-made layers, but also creating and saving files to DAZ Studio layered image formats. Editing and applying layers bring animations to life.

Layered Image Editor DS4 offers high-end layer manipulation with its layer columns and parameters set. Layer columns show layer visibility that indicates the layers included in the final output. Layer handling is easier with the drag and drop feature and labeling for easy identification.

Parameters include how layers will blend with each other. This feature defines each layer’s value for designing. Artists can control opacity, blending mode, position, invert modes, X/Y scaling, and others for each layer.

Layered Image Editor DS4 possesses enhanced user interface for editing layers. Creating and opening layers for new layer concepts can be found in a single button. Saving files is also simpler to ensure faster processing. Editing layers is also simple as DAZ 3D designed different viewing areas to suit users’ preferences. Zoom in or zoom out the viewing area also makes designing more convenient and faster for many artists.