Broderbund (Proprietary)

Lawyer, also called Home and Business Lawyer, is an application developed by Broderbund.  This app helps users manage basic legal concerns. Using this application, users can easily create legally binding documents without an actual lawyer. It provides a complete set of materials and tools that can be used to help users understand and manage legal and financial concerns.

Lawyer is used to create professional and legally approved documents. Aside from that, it offers services which provide the user with access to real-time legal advice from a network consisting of real-life lawyers. This application has an auto-fill feature that automatically supplies users’ personal information in their documents. It provides an access to different resources from the Law Library. It also has several tools that the users can use; such as checklists, calculator, guides, and worksheets.

Using Lawyer, users can create their will and testaments or estate plans, and ask legal questions from real-life professional lawyers like Arthur Miller of Harvard University. It offers over 1,200 legal documents that are prepared by professional lawyers, and a number of tutorials to help users understand the process of using this application. This legal application also provides free software updates for one year.