Law and Order - Legacies

Telltale Games (Proprietary)

Law and Order – Legacies is a graphic adventure video game that is based on the television series entitled Law and Order. The game features seven episodes with different storylines, but they have a single element that ties them together. The first two episodes were released first on December 2011, and the succeeding five episodes were released from January to March 2012.

In the game, players must look for clues, question suspects, inspect crime scenes, and talk to witnesses in order to solve crimes. The game also features different characters from Law and Order including Abbie Carmichael, Olivia Benson, Michael Cutter, Lennie Briscoe, and Rey Curtis among others.

Each of the episodes starts with a death and it is up to the player to solve it. Players must keep the details of the crime in mind in order to successfully solve the case. The player can also go to the crime scene and examine different items that can serve as clues to the case. Aside from interrogating suspects and inspecting crime scenes, players also get to experience cross-examining witnesses in the court room. During the court room scenes, there is a scale of justice meter that monitors the player’s progress. The game features several hours of gameplay.