Lavasoft Ad-aware Plus 10

Lavasoft Sweden (Shareware)

Lavasoft Ad-aware Plus is a security tool that can protect the computer against viruses and malware. It can guard against spyware through a two-way firewall. It can even protect the user’s email against phishing. Its Antivirus works together with its anti-spyware program. This can reduce slowdowns associated with the two programs that typically run on different resources. It updates multiple times in a day assuring its user of an up-to-date security software.

Lavasoft’s Ad-aware Plus will scan downloads regardless of their format. This means that files that usually bypass the permission to be downloaded will be scanned even before they are downloaded on the PC. It also has Internet security features, helping the user become safe against cybercrimes. It will also be safer to shop and bank online with the software that can guard against credit card data fraud. It features an advanced firewall that can block hackers to get into the user’s computer and then steal information. Another feature of the software is the external storage scan that automatically scans USB devices and hard drives that are connected to the computer

The software has been discontinued. The newer version is now called Ad-aware Pro.