LaTeX-to-Word Options

GrindEQ (Proprietary)

LaTeX-to-Word Options is a word processor utility module developed by GrindEQ as part of its GrindEQ Math Utilities software suite. These modules work with Microsoft Word, both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions. These modules add some utilities to the word processing software so as to enhance its capabilities. LaTeX-to-Word Options enables users to open a LaTeX document with file format TEX in MS Word. Once opened, the module allows users to convert the TEX file to DOC or DOCX. Supported TEX file types include LaTeX, Plain TeX, AMS-LaTeX, and AMS-TeX.

LaTeX-to-Word Options has various features. It provides support to BibTeX bibliographies. It offers alternative encoding support for LaTeX files including MAC, Unicode, OEM, and ANSI. The program works with Microsoft Equation and MathType when it comes to converted equations. The LaTeX-to-Word conversion process can be made to work for the whole document or only a selected part thereof. The program also features batch processing or batch conversion of files.

LaTeX-to-Word conversion is made through a three-step process. First step is to open the TEX document in MS Word. Users have to click on Update Cross-References to make sure that the conversion process will be up to date. After conversion, users can store and save the document in DOC or DOCX using the Save As option in the File menu.